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Marketing Programs Manager Kristina Heimer
Kristina Heimer
Marketing Programs Manager

745 Boylston Street, Sixth Floor
02116 Boston, MA
Tel +1 617 375 5808
Fax +1 617 421 1511


Annuities and Renewals, Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, Invention/Innovation Management, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, Licensing

Unique selling point

Anaqua is the leader in IP management solutions and is used by some of the world’s largest IP owners. ANAQUA delivers significant IP operational cost savings by automating IP business processes and eliminating costs previously wasted on non-strategic IP assets.


Anaqua provides a suite of Intellectual Asset Management software solutions and services: ANAQUA Enterprise for large IP owners; ANAQUA Express for smaller IP teams; ANAQUA Essential for law firms and ANAQUA Services for patent annuities, trademark renewals and title updates. ANAQUA is designed for all types of IP, including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, domain names and copyrights. Anaqua manages the full lifecycle of IP processes, from invention disclosure and review or trademark search and clearance through patent and trademark filing and prosecution to licensing and royalty collection. The ANAQUA solution incorporates advanced IP portfolio management as well as modules for conflicts, agreements, general matters and electronic invoicing.

ANAQUA is a completely web-based system with automated workflow and integrated document and email management. It is designed to enhance business productivity and IP visibility for all participants in the IP management process - attorneys and paralegals, researchers and engineers, portfolio managers, licensing professionals and other business managers. ANAQUA Services are provided in conjunction with SGA², who has established an impressive track record providing IP maintenance services to large and small clients around the world since 1994. SGA² and Anaqua merged under common ownership in 2010.

Important clients/projects

British American Tobacco

Further information

Market entry: 2004
Geographical coverage: Global
Clients are: Law firms as well as small, medium and large companies