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Director IP Services Urs Dommann
Urs Dommann
Director IP Services
8032 Zurich
Switzerland (CH)
Tel +41 43 205 26 21


Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, Invention/Innovation Management, IP Mapping, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, IP Valuation and Commercialisation, Legal Process Outsourcing, Licensing, Patent Search, Reporting & Statistics, Trademark Search

Unique selling point

Evalueserve improves and operates critical IP services such as IP searches, IP docketing, R&D information; services are provided through dedicated teams supporting clients on-site or from the main research centres in India, China, Chile and/or Romania.


Evalueserve provides knowledge services to a global client base including corporate, consulting and research firms; law firms and intellectual property firms. Evalueserve’s IP solutions include standard searches, IP analytics, Paralegal support, R&D information services and licensing support.

Further information

Size of company: 2,000+ employees worldwide
Geographical coverage: International
Clients are: Companies and law firms – medium and large
Industry focus: Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Food, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecom