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Vellani & Vellani

Khushnum Muncherji
Khushnum Muncherji
148, 18th East Street, Phase I, Defence Officers' Housing Authority
75500 Karachi
Pakistan (PK)
Tel +92 21 3580 1000
Fax +92 21 3580 2120

Vellani & Vellani is a law firm based in Pakistan which continues a practice first established in 1937 under the name of Wali Mohammad Vellani & Co and carried on under various names including Fatehali W. Vellani & Co.

The firm specialises in providing expert legal service ranging from commercial matters including anti-trust matters, real estate, taxation (income tax, sales tax, customs, excise), joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, delisting, winding up, spin off and divestments, projects involving the grant and exploitation of government concessions, the setting up and operation of manufacturing facilities, finance (syndicated loans, project finance, asset management, banking), credit facilities, licensing and transfer of technology, the grant of franchises, agencies and distributorships, the incorporation of companies, private, public and listed, the public floatation and listing of securities, tender offers for listed securities to intellectual property matters (trade marks, patent, copyrights, domain names, anti-counterfeiting, and other emerging IP Rights).

Additionally, the firm provides representation in courts upto the Supreme Court of Pakistan and other tribunals and arbitrators and experts.

Local Expertise:

Pakistan (PK)