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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Apr 08, 2021 (Newsletter Issue 7/21)
South Korea
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Revised Enforcement Rules Improve Applicants' Convenience

According to KIPO, the revision to the Enforcement Rules of the Korean Trademark Law has taken effect on February 1, 2021, to improve the convenience of an applicant of a trademark application and to reflect the changing transaction modes. The revision includes easing the restriction to the number of drawings in a three-dimensional trademark sample.

The major content of the revision to the Enforcement Rules of the Korean Trademark Law is as follows:
- When an applicant files an application for a three-dimensional trademark or a location trademark, the revised Enforcement Rules have been simplified making it possible to submit only one sheet of a drawing to clearly describe the features of a sample. Previously, the applicant had the hassle to submit a number of drawings.
- Under the revised Rules, all of the amendments to an international trademark application can now be made in the Korean national phase through an amendment to the Korean application.
- Regarding the trademark-related procedures, when identity verification is required, it is possible to use the seal or signature registered when a patent client number was issued, without submitting any separate seal certificate.
- A method of indicating a registered trademark has been revised to be flexibly defined, by expecting that a method of indicating a registered trademark (for example an electronic indication such as barcode, QR code) will be diversified according to the technology development.