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Apr 15, 2013 (Newsletter Issue 5/13)
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Accession to Madrid Protocol

India has submitted the instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks at WIPO on April 8, 2013. The treaty will enter into force with respect to India on July 8, 2013.

India is the 14th of the G-20 economies to accede to the Madrid Protocol. As of now there are 90 members of the international trademark system. Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand and Philippines are the other countries who have recently acceded to the Protocol System.

Administered by WIPO, an international registration under the Madrid System produces the same effects as an application for registration of the mark in each of the contracting parties designated by the applicant. The trademark owner may thus protect a mark in all member countries (including the European Union with its Community Trade Mark (CTM)) by filing one application, in one language (English, French or Spanish), with one set of fees, in one currency (Swiss Francs).

However before seeking international protection, the applicants are required to apply for trademark protection in a relevant national or regional trademark office.

Source: S. S. Rana & Co., India