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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 10/20 (June 2020)

Brazil New Appellation of Origin read more

Cambodia E-Filing Services Expanded read more

China Administrative Measures for Use of Special Marks of GIs read more

EUIPO Closer Collaboration with Domain Name Registry read more

Kenya Expired Marks May be Recovered read more

Slovenia Implementation of IP User Repository Completed  read more

Suriname Accession to Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement read more

Uruguay Request of New Registration of Authorized Designations of Origin read more

USA COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Program Introduced read more

WIPO Accession to Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement by Suriname read more

WIPO Locarno Classification 13th Edition Available Now read more

Issue 9/20 (June 2020)

EUIPO All Communications with EUIPO Electronically read more

EUIPO Comments on Convergence Projects CP11 and CP12 Welcomed read more

Georgia Several Practice Papers Published read more

Greece Digitisation of Paper Books at IP Office read more

Israel Exchange of Priority Documents of Design Applications read more

Italy Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest read more

Norway NIPO as Depositing and Accessing Office of Exchange of Priority Documents read more

Paraguay E-Filings for Trademarks Introduced read more

Russian Federation Drug Labeling Introduced read more

Uruguay Practice Paper on Examination of Figurative Marks Published read more

USA New Trademarks Examination Guide on Cheeses/Processed Meats read more

USA Relief for Trademark Fees/Deadlines on Case-by-Case Basis read more

WIPO New Service WIPO PROOF Launched read more