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Feb 06, 2020
Mauricio Serino Lia – Lia e Barbosa IP Lawyers, Brazil
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Brazil and the Madrid Protocol – Brief comments on the ...

Mauricio Serino Lia – Lia e Barbosa IP Lawyers, BrazilAfter many years of preparations and adaptations due to Legal conflicts with the domestic legislation and to the structure of the Brazilian PTO, on October 2nd, 2019, the Madrid Protocol finally entered in force in Brazil. It is therefore now possible to Brazilian companies, natural persons or those with domicile here to use the Madrid System and for Brazil to receive the international applications as a designation from other countries businesses and natural persons. Although most people and IP practitioners are thinking positively about the reflections in Brazil, some discussions are still on the table when speaking about  read more

Lia e Barbosa - IP Lawyers Brazil


Rua Cotoxo, 611, Cjs. 127/128
05021000 Sao Paulo
Brazil (BR)
Tel +55 11 3672 3522 and +55 11 99406 1546
Fax +55 11 3862 3108

Lia e Barbosa Sociedade de Advogados is a law firm specialized in business law with emphasis on the protection and defense of intellectual property rights: trademarks, patents, copyright, technology transfer, know-how, industrial design, business secrets, Confidentiality, contracts/agreements, computer programs, innovation, domain names, business names and issues related to the Internet and new technologies.

Comprising professionals with a large experience, some with more than 25 years, in preventive, advisory, administrative/prosecution and litigation activities for national and international clients, we seek, as a main differential, to offer a personalized advice that privileges the resolution of interests and conflicts with focus on business advocacy, always considering the binomial quality / investment.

The office, located in São Paulo / SP, has carefully selected correspondents to work throughout the national territory and in any countries part of the intellectual property protection systems, with correspondents in approximately 180 countries.

Our members are active members of the main associations dedicated to the study of the subjects related to its area of activity, thus providing information and cutting-edge knowledge in this constantly changing area. In addition, the office has a structure that brings together experienced lawyers, engineers, economists, administrators, designers, experts, referees and teachers depending on the client´s necessity.