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National Trademark Investigations

Director, Marketing Scott Rutherford
Scott Rutherford
Director, Marketing

20322 Window Drive #200
92630 Lake Forest, CA
Tel + 1 949 900 3400
Fax + 1 949 900 3430


Domains, Investigation, Licensing, Patent Search, Trademark Search

Unique selling point

Experience in providing robust, defensible and admissable evidence to support intellectual property litigation, arbitration and negotiation of all types. Experts in online infringement, anti-counterfeiting, trademark use investigations, anti-piracy programs. NTI's reports are regularly introduced as evidence in U.S. federal courts, where NTI's extensive front company infrastructure provides clients elective choice of U.S. circuit venue.


National Trademark Investigations conducts trademark use investigations, discreet trademark and domain name acquisition services, and anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy programs. Our investigators conduct site surveillance for enforcement of IP issues, conduct discreet secret shopper programs to develop evidence of infringement or unfair competitive practices, execute discreet buys to provide evidence of infringement to support criminal and civil enforcement and coordinate ex parte civil seizures of infringing goods. Licensed private investigators (California #12689) with resources throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Important clients/projects

Due to client confidentiality, we do not promote specific cases publicly or without explicit client consent. We will be pleased to provide project and client references privately upon request.

Further information

Market entry: 1975
Geographical coverage: Investigative services and resources worldwide.
Clients are: Law firms of all sizes, particularly with intellectual property focus and/or practice groups; brand owners; marketing and name development agencies.
Industry focus: All industries.