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Sales & Marketing Director Europe and Asia, IP Sol Michiel de Bruijn
Michiel de Bruijn
Sales & Marketing Director Europe and Asia, IP Sol

Radarweg 29
1043 NX Amsterdam
Netherlands (NL)
Tel +31 (0) 65 530 7305
Fax +31 (0) 20 485 3493


IP Mapping, IP Software, Online Databases, Patent Search, Publishing

Unique selling point

With 100 authorities, of which 30 full-text, our Semantic Search feature, the non-patent literature content and linking (Scopus)and our compare analytics, TotalPatent proves to be different.


LexisNexis® ( is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions.

LexisNexis originally pioneered online information with its Lexis® and Nexis® services. LexisNexis provides a suite of intellectual property solutions that includes TotalPatent(TM), PatentOptimizer(TM), Global IP Law Service, IP sources at, and IP DataDirect-Patents.

TotalPatent™, the patent research database, provides access to all published patent documents for research, retrieval and analysis. TotalPatent has the broadest and deepest collection of patent information from around the world. Patent content is accessible and searchable from the start of publication till current for 100 countries, of which 30 have full-text coverage. Including the collections of the BRIC countries’ and the Asian content. TotalPatent the most complete patent research tool globally available.

In addition to the standard Boolean searching functionality, LexisNexis® have developed the world’s most advanced semantic searching functionality. The semantic search feature in TotalPatent can help improve your prior art and technology landscaping searching by suggesting concepts that relate semantically to your patent search query. You can then choose to narrow your search results by interacting with the semantic QueryCloud or by using traditional Boolean search terms.
PatentOptimizer™ is a tool to develop internally consistent, concise and well-tailored US patent applications and serves as a critical quality control tool. The software analyses text documents to compare with other patent applications and connects the application to relevant references (as available on The weaknesses in the patent application are uncovered and suggestions for improvement are given. All relevant references can be viewed in immediately.
PatentOptimizer supports patent applications, litigation and prosecution. The IP workflow becomes more efficient and the quality of the patent portfolio is improved.

Further information

Geographical coverage: LexisNexis serves customers in more than 100 countries with 18,000 employees worldwide.
Clients are: All IP related companies. Both service providers and patent owners. The solutions are designed for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.