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Thomsen Trampedach GmbH

Partner Jannik Skou
Jannik Skou

Riedstreet 1
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Switzerland (CH)
Tel +45 22275696


Domains, Investigation, Organisational IP Consulting, Trademark Search

Unique selling point

True industry experts each with 10 years experience. We work with large international brands and have a unique inside into best practices at large brands.


Thomsen Trampedach GmbH is a Swiss consulting company who focuses on delivering corporate domain name management and online brand protection services to large European and Asian brands.
Our services include:
- Domain Name Registrations worldwide
- Domain Name Management Interface
- Monitoring of websites, phishing attacks, counterfeit sales, search engine, keywords, domain name registrations and social media sites.
- Strategic advice on protection of IPR on the Internet
- Recovery of domain names, take down of infringing websites
- Application and operational services for new gTLDs
We differ from competitors by offering senior advice and attractive domain name prices (possible due to automation of processes) Our Service Level Agreements offer enhanced security, guaranteed delivery and response times.

We are active at ICANN Meetings, members of INTA (Internet Committee) and experts at European Union sponsored; China IPR Helpdesk

We often support IP Law firms as investigators or as independent experts in domain name related issues.

Important clients/projects

Important clients and projects (max. 5):

- Outsourced Consolidation of domain name portfolios for large brands in the FMCG and Banking industry
- Implementation of domain name strategy and policies at large brands
- Monitoring and registration of user names on Social Media Websites for large brands
- Advice on new gTLDs for large brands across various industries, cities and regions.
- Successful recoveries (buy backs) of numerous domain names

Further information

Market entry: July 2007
Geographical coverage: Europe, Asia
Clients are: Large International Brands and IP Law firms
Industry focus: Domain Names and Online Brand Protection