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VP, Global Sales & Marketing Karin Kärvling Söholt
Karin Kärvling Söholt
VP, Global Sales & Marketing

Nordenskiöldsgatan 8
211 19 Malmö
Sweden (SE)
Tel +46 40 12 05 40
Fax +46 40 12 05 42


Annuities and Renewals, Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, Invention/Innovation Management, IP Cost Accounting and Controlling, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, Patent Search, Reporting & Statistics


For anyone working in Intellectual Property, Ipendo offers a breakthrough in on-demand IP management solutions. The Ipendo Platform™ is built on the latest technology to bring out hidden values in your company’s IP by allowing automation of administrative tasks and sharing of crucial information with relevant parties.
A typical Ipendo client is able to cut down administrative portfolio costs by around 20-30% on an annual basis. Being a fully web-based platform, Ipendo Platform™ utilizes the power of Internet connectivity. No other IP management solution on the market can compare to the collaboration power of the Ipendo Platform™. Thousands of users within IP departments, R&D, Legal and Management along with attorneys around the globe communicate IP through the Ipendo Platform™ on a daily basis.
As a result of this, automating administrative tasks, placing orders and purchasing of services are by far the most streamlined and cost efficient processes you can find within the IP field.

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