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Director JJ Lee
JJ Lee

3F, Ace High Tech City Bldg. 2, Mullae-dong 3-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu
150-972 Seoul
South Korea (KR)
Tel +82 2 785 3040
Fax +82 2 785 3043


Annuities and Renewals, Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, IP Cost Accounting and Controlling, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, IP Valuation and Commercialisation, Legal Process Outsourcing, Licensing, Online Databases, Patent Search, Reporting & Statistics, Trademark Search, Translation Services

Unique selling point

Provide data verification and pay annuities up front before invoicing the client with a detailed cost break down. Constantly monitor PTO fee changes which allows us to make payments before fee changes occur. Globalized network via utilization state of the art software such as WAPS, My IP Access and MP Direct Web-service.


Markpro is one of the leading global intellectual property services companies.

Since 1992, Markpro has provided professional patent annuity payment services and trademark renewals in a convenient, safe and cost effective way by using its own in-house system specifically designed to meet each country’s strict requirements.

In addition to the patent, utility model, and design annuity payment and trademark renewal services, Markpro also specializes in technology transfer, patent and technology searches, trademark searches, and translation of technical documents.

As a participating member of global associations such as AIPPI, LES, INTA, and AMCHAM, Markpro maintains keen awareness and involvement in order to provide the most up to date extensive intellectual property legal services.

Markpro conforms to the global quality system standard, KS A 9001;2001 / ISO 9001;2000 in the intellectual property management field, and has continued to satisfy its clients’ specific requirements by continuously improving its systems and increasing business efficiency.

Markpro employs a professional staff highly trained and experienced in a wide range of technical fields and legal matters, that enables Markpro to fulfill the constant demands posed by the increasingly complex world of intellectual property.

Important clients/projects


Further information

Size of company: 80 employees
Market entry: 1992
Geographical coverage: US, Europe, Asia
Clients are: IP Law firms, innovative companies
Industry focus: IP renewals and protection