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Gevers Validations - Valipat

CEO Patrice Durand
Patrice Durand

Rue de Livourne 7
1060 Brussels
Belgium (BE)
Tel +32 2 543 3675
Fax +32 2 543 3690


Filing and Validation, Translation Services

Unique selling point

- A reduction of external costs of validation
- An unique sophisticated interface which offers you the best legal and economical combination - based on the source language and the designated countries - complying with all local administrative rules
- A secured streamlined centralization of the validation process reducing your internal overheads


GEVERS Validations is the branch of GEVERS dealing with validations of European Patents notably through its web interface Valipat® (
With Valipat®, your EP Validations are made easy, quick and cost effective in a one-stop shop and are driven by European Patent Attorneys to ensure premium quality translations.

We offer:

a simplified and streamlined administrative process:
- One single order for all EP contracting states
- Ready to sign Power of Attorneys
- User friendly interface
- Paperless environment
- Online archiving of your validation files

as well as controlled, predictable and guaranteed costs:
- Online interactive and guaranteed quotes in a few minutes
- Reduced costs
- Financial transparency
- Online reductions

Further information

Market entry: 1/2009
Geographical coverage: International
Clients are: Companies and law firms
Industry focus: Industries with in-house patent attorneys (otherwise not eligible to our services)