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Head Patent and Technology Searches Theodor Nyfeler
Theodor Nyfeler
Head Patent and Technology Searches

Stauffacherstreet 65/59g
3003 Bern
Switzerland (CH)
Tel +41 31 377 77 77
Fax +41 31 377 77 93


IP Mapping, Patent Search, Trademark Search

Unique selling point

Patent searches are a matter of trust. You can rely on ip-search because:

1. We tailor our services to suit your needs
2. We guarantee the highest quality
3. We provide competence and experience
4. We work with professional tools and databases


ip-search is a service of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and provides professional tailor-made patent and technology searches.

ip-search provides patent and technology searches of the highest quality. This quality is founded on a quarter of a century of experience as well as the competence of our 40 professionals who, as natural scientists and engineers, combine technical expertise, patent knowledge and search, and examination skills.

ip-search works closely with the customer in the most transparent way possible. ip-search focuses its services on your needs.

ip-search uses the most up-to-date and professional search tools available and has access to all significant databases.

ip-search provides the following services:
- Infringement Searches: Information on third-party IP rights that could be infringed by a product or process.
- Validity Searches: Publications which could challenge the novelty or the inventive step of an invention – as the basis for opposition proceedings or nullity action.
- Subject Searches: An overview of a technology sector when developing a product or information on the prior art when applying for a patent.
- International Bibliographic Searches: Information regarding the legal status of patents, patent families and company patent portfolios.
- Patent Landscape Analysis: Information on technologies and competitors by means of patent data analysis.
- Technology Monitoring: Regular new patent publications from a specific technology sector or competitor.
- Legal Status Monitoring: Regular information on changes in legal status of patent applications and patents

We perform tailor-made searches for you - you determine the task, the scope of the search and the depth of the analysis.

Further information

Size of company: 40 Patent and Search Experts
Market entry: 1985
Geographical coverage: International
Clients are: Patent attorney firms, medium and large industrial companies
Industry focus: All industries