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Patrix IP Helpware

Marketing & Sales Manager Matt Powell
Matt Powell
Marketing & Sales Manager

Bäckebols Gård 1
42259 Hisings Backa, Goteborg
Sweden (SE)
Tel +46 3150 7760/+1 703 879 4860
Fax +46 3150 7766 /+1 703 997 2579


Annuities and Renewals, IP Software

Unique selling point

Currently used by over 10,000 IP professionals in more than 50 countries, the Patricia® IP management Software is widely regarded as the most powerful, versatile and intuitive of all IP software available. Combined with ‘best-in-industry’ pricing on maintenance payment services, contact Patrix if you want to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Patrix has nearly two decades of experience delivering IP software and service solutions serving clients in more than 50 countries. With our IP management system, Patricia®, and comprehensive payment services, we provide the most cost-effective way for organizations to reduce costs, minimize risk, improve profitability and increase productivity.

From the C.E.O. through to the support staff, the Patrix team has very extensive and relevant experience having previously worked in the corporate and/or practice areas of IP. You can therefore be sure that your requirements are fully understood at every level.

Patricia® is an enterprise-wide solution which provides you with swift and secure access to your case data and automatic tracking of IP lifecycles, including laws/regulations, standard forms, time and cost registration, invoicing, customizable reports, document creation, document management and powerful batch processing functionality. Patricia® is designed to accommodate and harmonize your best practice and procedures including collaboration with other departments and parties both inside and outside of your organization.

Being non-modular, Patricia® naturally combines your case data with related cost, billing and time recording information, greatly improving management control in all areas and ensuring that any case related expenditure is captured and recouped.

Created by IP professionals for IP professionals, Patricia® is a fully customizable IP management system uniquely delivered on Windows and web platforms or a combination of both–the choice is yours!

Important clients/projects

Some of the largest and best-known names in the IP world bith on the practice and industry sides of the business.

Further information

Market entry: 1996
Geographical coverage: Global
Clients are: All sizes of law firms with IP practices, IP firms and corporate in-house IP Departments.
Industry focus: IP Management Software and Maintenance Payment Services.