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Oliver Otto
Oliver Otto

Stuhrer Landstreet 4
28259 Bremen
Germany (DE)
Tel 49 421 56561 0
Fax +49 421 56561 56


Annuities and Renewals, Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, Filing and Validation, Invention/Innovation Management, IP Cost Accounting and Controlling, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, IP Valuation and Commercialisation, Licensing, Litigation, Online Databases, Organisational IP Consulting, Patent Search, Publishing, Reporting & Statistics

Unique selling point

Genese offers everything for a professional IP management. With our special search system Genese is as easy to use as Microsoft Outlook. As a Microsoft Certified Partner we integrate our services directly into all Microsoft Ofices Produtcs. This makes you instantly more productive because our solution comes equipped with everything you need for daily routine. Genese guarantees flexibility in your office and grows with your requirements.


The GmbH was established in 1992, and specializes in the creation and marketing of office solutions for patent and trademark lawyers in the professional setting. Thanks to a longstanding experience, is in a position to provide all demands flexibly and custom-made for law offices and businesses.

Thanks to the extensive and practice-oriented know-how of our marketing professionals in the field of patent and trademark business, as well as database systems, Genese is the counterpart for software and IP management. A technical caretaker team is on hand for training and support.

Through the extensive clientele and the firsthand reference to application, as well as in the administrative field, Genese could steadily adapt the office management products to the requirements of clients over the years, and further develop aiming at new demands. As a result of this continual innovation, Genese today can offer a product portfolio, which thanks to an extensive modularity and many interfaces, can be integrated into client applications in nearly every working environment.

Important clients/projects

For more details and references feel free to contact us directly. We can give you individual refereces beginning from sides with 1 or 2 users up to references with 100 and more users.

Further information

Market entry: 1992
Geographical coverage: International
Clients are: Law firms of any size, industrial and patent departments of medium and large industrial departments
Industry focus: Industrial and patent departments of small, medium and large size.