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Chawton Innovation Services Ltd

Managing Director Donal O'Connell
Donal O'Connell
Managing Director

The Stables, Gosport Road
GU34 1SH Chawton, Alton
United Kingdom (UK)
Tel +44 7825 081 941


Organisational IP Consulting

Unique selling point

From '03 to '09 I was a Director of IP at Nokia. I was the leader of Nokia's Patent Creation team and during this time period I successfully managed a number of major change projects. As well as being responsible for the creation of new patents, my team also had responsibility for 3rd party patent risk mitigation, IP Agent network management, and IP processes, systems and tools.

I have been a member of the Executive Board of the Eco Patent Commons initiative as well as Chair of the CPA Global Memotech IUG.

I have written one book called “Inside the Patent Factory”, and I have another book due out in 2011, on the subject of collaborative innovation and IP.

I am an Adjunct Professor at Imperial College Business School, London.


Chawton Innovation Services offers consultancy in the areas of innovation and intellectual property management. It basically helps clients organise and operate their IP activities in an efficient and effective manner.

Important clients/projects

In the past year, the client base has included some leading Universities, a global IP service provider, some major IP Firms, a global telecoms company, a compliance firm, some global chemical companies, a global food and beverages company, a global heavy engineering company, one of the big four financial services companies plus a variety of SMEs.

The projects have included IP strategy development and development, IP process development, corporate IP dept auditing, benchmarking across a variety of IP topics, helping with IP Agent management, MBA course lectures, research into NPEs, addressing work backlog within a corporate IP dept, offering guidance on the outsourcing of various IP tasks, helping solve IP data management system issues, auditing a company's compliance as part of an M&A deal, educating a company about IP portfolio management, basic IP and IP management training plus more.

Further information

Market entry: July 2009
Geographical coverage: Europe
Clients are: Corporations, SMEs, universities, IP Firms, IP service providers
Industry focus: None, my company works across a diverse range of industries