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Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm

Vanessa Halle
Vanessa Halle
1st Floor SHALOM Building, Ancienne Route, Bonaberi
4876 Douala
Cameroon (CM)
Tel +237 673 876 940

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Ms. Vanessa Halle –

Founded in 1986, we have a track record of successfully and efficiently managing the Intellectual Property rights of our local, international, and multinational clients. In a world where Intellectual Property rights are a major asset to businesses, and steadily becoming an integral part of corporate transactions, we identify, protect these rights at each stage of the innovation process, and provide strategic advice that enables you exploit your Intellectual Property rights fully, and successfully manage and extract value from your IP assets.

Our IP practice has a general focus on Africa, and a specific focus on OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) comprising Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros Islands, Congo (Republic of), Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Togo).

We provide a complete spectrum of services in Patents, Trademarks, Domain names, Copyrights, Designs, and other related rights. Our non-exhaustive IP services include filings, prosecution, investigation and watch service, searches & due diligence, Litigation and Enforcement, ADR, licensing, portfolio management, Corporate transactions, Annuities and Renewals, Transactional advice (Assignments & transfer agreements, licensing, franchising, Supply, distribution and related commercial agreements) etc.

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