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Tsutsui & Associates

Shoko Tsutsui
Shoko Tsutsui
3F, Shinjuku Gyoen Bldg., 3-10, Shinjuku 2-Chome, Shinjuku-Ku
160-022 Tokyo
Japan (JP)
Tel +81 3 5368 2211
Fax +81 3 5368 2215

TSUTSUI & ASSOCIATES is a firm specialized in the area of Intellectual Property, established in 1980 by Yamato TSUTSUI in Shinjuku, Tokyo. We provide one-stop full service in the domain of intellectual Property; Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark, Domain Name, Unfair Competition, Copyright, and relative Litigation cases.

The firm’s policy is offering our prompt and efficient service at a reasonable price. In the practice, we often confront with some difficulties caused by differences in systems and practices among different countries. We try to take a good care in understanding every client’s needs and then to find the best solution based on our expertise, experience and a close communication with our clients.

Our firm has 48 members including 10 Patent Attorneys of Japan. For our trademark service, we have 5 peoples comprising 4 Trademark Attorneys. We are always up to date the world trend in the market and the industry, and also try to acquire sufficient knowledge on the practical matter. One of us is formally a trademark examiner at the Appeal Board of the Japanese Patent Office. Further, our trademark attorneys are of the member of committees of Trademark, Unfair Competition, Custom Seizure, Copyright, and others organized by the Japanese Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA).

In connection with the characteristic aspect of Intellectual Property, our attorneys are members of various International Associations; AIPPI, FICPI, APAA, INTA, ECTA, MARQUES, LESI in order to develop a global professionals’ network across the world. Shoko TSUTSUI has studied European and French IP systems at the CEIPI (Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle) in Strasbourg, France, and got its diploma for Trademark & Design. She is one of the lecturers for the Asia Seminar hosted by the JPAA which aims for assisting human resources development in Asian countries.

Local Expertise:

Japan (JP)