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INLEX Monaco Intellectual Property

Franck Soutoul
Franck Soutoul
C/° REGUS, Monte Carlo Sun, Bâtiment E/F, 74 Boulevard d’Italie
9800 Monaco
Monaco (MC)
Tel +377 9999 4562

INLEX MONACO Intellectual Property is an Intellectual Property law firm member of the group INLEX IP Expertise, created with 2 Monegasque associates in 2006, specialized in the validation, protection, defense and valorization of projects for the creation of trademarks, designs, copyrights and commercial and marketing concepts. The firm is currently commissioned by major companies installed in Monaco, but also performs advisory work for the Government of Monaco, concerning its intangible heritage protection policy and the harmonization of its legislation with European standards. In synergy with the group, INLEX Monaco Intellectual Property provides its clients with a high level of expertise in export development strategy. Intellectual Property creates value for businesses, particularly in light of the booming economy of the immaterial and the dissemination of information.

INLEX IP Expertise Group employs 65 people present in Monaco and Europe - France (9 agencies) and Africa (3 agencies: Morocco, Cameroon & Mauritius).

Local Expertise:

Monaco (MC)