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Dependent Territories Guide

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Dependent Territories Guide You can order and download a guide on the trademark regimes of dependent territories in pdf format here.

How is the pdf guide structured?
The brochure "Dependent Territories" contains trademark and background information on more than 50 dependent territories of parent countries Australia, China, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom and the USA.

An introductory table contains brief information on all dependent territories. Each parent country is presented by an updated country survey, followed by information on the respective dependent territories, listed in alphabetical order. Among others the following questions will be answered:

  • Does a separate trademark law exist for the territory?
  • Is a national trademark of the parent country valid in the territory?
  • If so, is the territory automatically covered or is further action required?
  • Are European Union Trademarks valid in the territory?
  • Can International Registrations designate the territory?
  • How long is the opposition period against International Registrations designating the territory?

"I cannot tell how useful this guide is to Reef's Legal Department and how pleased I am with the publications your company offers"
Paloma R. Del Campo, Legal Manager REEF, a division of VF Outdoor, Inc. and South Cone, Inc., Carlsbad, U.S.A.

Samples for reading:

The price for the PDF Download is 99.- EUR plus VAT of 7% (if applicable), payable via credit card. Your data will be SSL encoded.

Latest edition released January 2016