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Find in this directory law firms and IP consultancies which you may contact for legal services. The entries can be searched by name or by local expertise.

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Appleyard Lees IP LLP
Leeds, United Kingdom (UK)
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United Kingdom (UK) 
CHOFN Intellectual Property
Beijing, China (CN)
More info
China (CN) 
Graf v. Westphalen
Frankfurt am Main, Germany (DE)
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Germany (DE) 
Hechanova & Co. Inc.
Makati City, Philippines (PH)
More info
Philippines (PH) 
Heissner & Struck Rechtsanwälte
Hamburg, Germany (DE)
More info
Germany (DE) 
Mark-Inventa Co., Ltd.
Ljubljana, Slovenia (SI)
More info
Slovenia (SI) 
P. C. & Associates
Beijing, China (CN)
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China (CN) 
Patentbüro Paul Rosenich AG
Triesenberg, Liechtenstein (LI)
More info
Liechtenstein (LI) 
Austria (AT) 
SungAm Suh International Patent & Law Firm
Seoul, South Korea (KR)
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South Korea (KR) 
AILIA Trademark & Patent Services
Lahore, Pakistan (PK)
More info
Pakistan (PK) 

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Listings in the Index of Law Firms are made based on the information of the listed companies. The listing does not constitute a warranty of legal competence to practice or any professional qualification.