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Please find an extract of references given to us by intellectual professionals worldwide.
The Country Index is probably the most valuable tool that I have to quickly check the trademark regulations for a given jurisdiction. I have the site as a favorite on my toolbar and use it at least several times a week. The Newsletter keeps me apprised of changes in the law which is invaluable.”

Elizabeth Kinsley, Senior Paralegal, Kellogg Company
Battle Creek, MI, USA
I find the website SMD Country Index absolutely great. This is also the reason why I have chosen to get listed as a Silver partner on your website. Compliment!”

Dr. Franz-Martin Orou, LL.M., Lawyer, FMO Law Firm
Vienna, Austria
We as a firm find the Country Index to be very useful when we need up to make a quick check for up to date basic information about a particular country - it is an excellent "gift" of SMD back to the trade mark profession.”

Tom Albertini, Partner, Trade Mark Attorney, J A Kemp
London, United Kingdom
The Country Index poster is more than useful! Trademark professionals can now see requirements for many countries at a glance.”

Suzanne Antal, Partner / Trademark Agent, Benoît & Côté
Montréal, Canada
I like to read the Country Index Newsletter with concise and interesting information."

Ella Cheong, Senior Partner, ELLA CHEONG & ALAN CHIU, Solicitors & Notaries
Hong Kong
I find the Country Index Poster extremely useful in my daily work.”

Marine Bourbonneux, IP Lawyer, Inlex IP Expertise
Reims, France
I am impressed by your service. I really appreciate your update on Turkey.”

Andreas Kammholz , Managing Director, Lawyer, TÜV Markenverbund e.V.
Berlin, Germany
We are a group of three students for the LLM offered by WIPO & the University of Turin and we are working on a research paper on Non Traditional Trademarks focusing mostly on the registrability of scent marks... I wish to compliment you on your website that has been really useful for our research.”

Nicoletta Serao
Turin, Italy
Thank you for another year of your newsletter which I read with great interest.”

Elisabeth Haustedt, Lawyer, Göhmann Rechtsanwälte
Hanover, Germany
Thanks so very much for the extremely interesting article on the common practice adopted recently by the EU Trade Marks Offices regarding Black & White TMs. We do hope this will encourage other TM Offices around the world to adopt a similar practising standard, which will ease the way of IP practitioners to properly advise their clients for their concerns regarding filing of Colour TMs vis-a-vis the usual Black & White versions.”

Ella Cheong, Founder and Chair of ELLA CHEONG LAW OFFICE
Hong Kong
Your periodic newsletter is of great interest to us and helps us keep current with new legislation and TM legal news from around the world. As an example, the recent article about trade mark offices of the European Union having agreed on a common practice with regard to black and white trademarks with you recommendation and detailed analysis, is important information for our Canadian clients that may have significant impact on their trademark portfolios. Such information enables us to better provide worldwide advice to our clientele.”

Micheline Dessureault, Director of IP Department, Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur
Quebec, Canada
I cannot tell how useful the brochure „Dependent Territories. The Practitioner's Guide to Registering Trademarks" is to Reef's Legal Department and how pleased I am with the publications your company offers.”

Paloma R. Del Campo, Legal Manager REEF, a division of VF Outdoor, Inc. and South Cone, Inc.
Carlsbad, U.S.A.
This looks like a terrific resource for anyone filing abroad.”

Joyce Patrick-Bai, Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP
Mesa, USA
I have found your information both interesting and worthwhile.”

Grant H. Jacobson, BJ-SERVICE Intellectual Property Agent Ltd.
Beijing, China
I take the opportunity to send you a sign of appreciation for the efforts you have made in launching the Country Index…your website is very informative and will be used as an easy reference to IP professionals all over.”

Jehad al Hassan, JAH & Co. IP
Doha, Qatar
... congratulations to you and your firm on the content of your website, easy to use and giving clear information.”

Luis H. de Larramendi, ELZABURU
Madrid, Spain
Country-Index is an excellent search tool which conveniently helps to know the core of trademark law and practice in each listed jurisdiction and the information on it is quite reliable because of timely updates.”

GAO Xiang, Partner, Trademark Department, P.C. & Associates
Beijing, China