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Trademark Use Requirements Guide

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Due to multiple requests the SMD Country Index team has compiled a guide on Trademark Use Requirements.

The publication will be useful for IP professionals (law firms and in-house counsel) who manage trademarks internationally. It will assist you to keep abreast of the various use requirements across countries.

Numerous local IP attorneys have assisted us in this project and more than 130 jurisdictions have been covered.

Amongst others the following questions will be answered:

Trademark Use Requirements Guide
  • In which cases is evidence of use required (trademark registration, renewal, non-use cancellation proceedings or other)?
  • Which formal requirements have to be met?
  • Are there any requirements as to the nature and extent of use?
  • Will it suffice to use the mark for one or some of the designated goods or services?
  • Will it suffice to show that reasonable steps to further trade have been taken?
  • Under which circumstances may non-use be excused?
  • To whom is the evidence of use to be directed?
  • By which means can use be demonstrated?
  • What are the use requirements in the event of International Registrations?

Samples for reading:

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