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Opposition Periods for International Registrations

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Opposition Periods for International Registrations Registration through the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks does not create a unified registration, as in the case of the European Union Trademark; it rather creates a bundle of national rights governed by the trademark laws of the Contracting Parties.

Apart from possible provisional refusals by the Offices of the designated member states, applications for International Registrations or the territorial expansion of existing registrations to member states with an opposition procedure must undergo a procedure which is similar but not necessarily equal to national registrations. For brand owners and their representatives it is always a challenge to stay informed about the opposition periods for International Registrations in all designated countries.

This publication covers more than 250 jurisdictions all over the world. It answers the question whether International Registrations may be valid or not and provides a complete list of the correct Opposition Periods for International Registrations in all Contracting Parties.

The price for the PDF Download is 49.- EUR plus VAT of 7% (if applicable), payable via credit card.

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