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Abdurrahim Ayaz, Istanbul Patent A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
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Non-use Cancellation of TMs is no Longer Possible in Tu...

Abdurrahim Ayaz, Istanbul Patent A.S., Istanbul, TurkeyConstitutional Court in Turkey has ruled that Article 14, which regulates use requirements of trademarks, of Turkish Trademark Law, Decree Law no. 556, is unconstitutional because it violated Article 91/1 of the Turkish Constitution. The ruling has been published on Official Gazette and went into effect as of January 06, 2017. Article 91/1 of the Turkish Constitution regulates that basic rights, including right of ownership, cannot be regulated / limited by Decree Laws. Turkish  read more

Istanbul Patent A.S.

Abdurrahim Ayaz

Abdurrahim Ayaz
Buyukdere Cad., No. 33/16
34381 Sisli/Istanbul
Turkey (TR)
Tel +90 212 241 7272
Fax +90 212 241 7026

Istanbul Patent A.S. was found in 1997 to provide full legal services in Intellectual Property area. Based in the hart of Istanbul and branched in the capital Ankara, the firm’s services extend to entire Turkey and also to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In addition, the firm also provides services to local and overseas clients before European Patent Office.
The firm has 15 attorneys with additional supporting staff in five departments; Trademark Department for overseas clients, Trademark Department for local clients, Patent Department, Domain Name Department and Litigation Department.
The firm has an outstanding reputation in intellectual property, and is unique for its full range of intellectual property services, ranging from copyrights, trade and service marks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, geographical Indications, Plant Varieties and copyrights, from advisory services to prosecution and protection, and related litigations. The firm has also outstanding reputation and expertise in domain name disputes.