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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 13/18 (July 2018)

Albania New Regulation on Trademark Registration read more

Belize Notarisation Required for Authorisation of Agent Forms  read more

Canada New Industrial Design Regulations Published read more

New Zealand Trademark Practice Guidelines Updated read more

Portugal Official Fees Increased read more

United Arab Emirates Online Trademark Renewal System Launched read more

United Kingdom Hague Agreement for Industrial Designs in Force read more

United Kingdom Trade Secrets Regulations Came into Force read more

USA June Update of Manual of Procedure of the TBMP Available Now read more

WIPO 2018 Edition of Classification Guidelines Available Now read more

WIPO Hague Agreement on Industrial Designs in UK in Force read more

Issue 12/18 (June 2018)

Japan Examples of Explanations of Trademark Use Published read more

Japan Revision of Examination Guidelines on Exceptions to Lack of Novelty of Design read more

Kenya Important Amendments to IP Law Proposed read more

Morocco Issuance of Certificates Electronically  read more

Namibia New Industrial Property Act soon in Force read more

Portugal Draft Proposal for New IP Code Submitted read more

Rwanda Clarification of Renewal Date  read more

USA Changes to Trademark Rules of Practice To Mandate Electronic Filing Proposed read more

WIPO 12th Edition of Locarno Classification Download in Advance Possible read more

Yemen Option of Filing at Two Registries for Trademark Protection read more