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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 1/17 (January 2017)

China Beijing IP Court Establishes Speedy Trial Panel read more

European Union Trademarks Guidelines for Examination of EU Trade Marks and Registered Community Designs Revised read more

European Union Trademarks New Assistance Service  read more

Iraq Kurdistan Trademark Office to Resume Normal Function read more

New Zealand New GIs Law Adopted read more

Philippines Structure of Official Fees Revised Soon read more

Turkey New Industrial Property Law Now in Force read more

Turkey Temporary Gap in the Law read more

United Kingdom IP Laws Passed in Cayman Islands read more

USA 11th Edition of Nice Classification Adopted read more

USA Correction to Final Rule Revising the Rules of Practice  read more

Vietnam Official Fees Increased read more

WIPO Accession to Hague Agreement on IR of Industrial Designs by Cambodia read more

WIPO Safeguard against Non-Delivery of E-Communication read more

Issue 22/16 (December 2016)

ARIPO IP Act of Liberia Changed read more

Australia Comments on Proposed Legislation Changes Required read more

Myanmar Draft Trade Mark Law in Progress  read more

Russian Federation Trademark Opposition System Considered read more

WIPO Non-Working Days in 2017 read more