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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 17/18 (October 2018)

Benelux Belgian Act on the Protection of Trade Secrets Adopted read more

EUIPO Ecuador Joined TMclass read more

Hungary New Trade Secret Act in Force read more

Mexico Declaration of Use for International Registrations Designating Mexico Required read more

Sweden Act on Protection of Trade Secrets in Force read more

Turkey Official Fees Reduced read more

United Kingdom Government’s Notices on 'No Deal' Brexit read more

WIPO Declaration of Use for IRs Designating Mexico Required read more

WIPO Twelfth Edition of Locarno Classification in Force Soon read more

Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Policy Launched read more

Issue 16/18 (September 2018)

ARIPO Regional IP Database Launched read more

Australia IP Dispute Resolution More Affordable Now read more

Australia New Parallel Importation Laws in Force read more

Canada Accession to Hague Agreement for Industrial Designs read more

Canada Modernization of CIPO's Online Practice Manuals read more

France Law on the Protection of Trade Secrets Adopted read more

Germany Guideline on Trademark Applications/Keeping Registering Revised read more

Peru Competences of Trademark Office Expanded read more

Ukraine Increase in Number of Judges in IP Court read more

Ukraine Ruling on Non-Use Grace Period read more

United Kingdom White Paper on EU IP Rights after Brexit read more

WIPO Accession to Hague Agreement for Industrial Designs by Canada read more