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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 5/17 (March 2017)

Afghanistan Accession to Paris Convention and Singapore Treaty read more

Australia Single Patent Attorney Regulatory Regime in AU and NZ read more

Germany Draft of New Trademark Act read more

India New Trade Mark Rules Introduced read more

New Zealand Single Patent Attorney Regulatory Regime in AU and NZ read more

Pakistan Draft Geographical Indication Bill Published read more

Singapore Official Fees Reduced Soon read more

South Korea Registration of Minimalist Designs Easier Now  read more

Issue 4/17 (February 2017)

Algeria New VAT Rate Applied  read more

Australia New Search System Introduced read more

Guatemala Accession to Hague Apostille Convention read more

Iceland Official Fees Increased read more

India Pending Applications for Clarification Released read more

Saudi Arabia Publication Fees for Trademark Recordals Increased read more

USA Effective Date for Rule Relating to Proving Use or Continued Use of Registered Trademarks Delayed read more

WIPO Madrid Goods & Services Manager with Latest Nice Classification Edition Aligned read more