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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 3/18 (February 2018)

Benelux Official Fees Increased read more

EUIPO Consultation on “Counterfeit and Piracy Watch-List” Launched read more

EUIPO Further Document on Withdrawal of UK from the EU read more

EUIPO India Joined Designview read more

EUIPO New Back Office Released Soon  read more

Finland Official Fees on Notification Search Increased read more

Finland Patent and Registration Office Moved read more

Georgia Trademark Law Amended read more

Iraq Penalty for Late Payment of Publication Fees read more

Iraq Requirement to Re-Filing Certain Trademark Applications read more

Italy New Forms for Filings of IP Rights read more

South Africa Domain Name Registration Introduced / eServices Changed read more

Sweden Official Fees Increased read more

Issue 2/18 (January 2018)

Angola PTO Notification to Update Registered Trademark read more

Argentina Substantial Amendments in Trademark Law read more

Austria Fast Track Application Process Working read more

China Anti-Unfair Competition Law Amended read more

Germany New E-Service DPMAdirektPro Introduced read more

Germany Notice on Informational Letters Before Trademark Duration Ends read more

Greece Mediation in Trademark Disputes Soon to be Obligatory  read more

Spain Withdrawal of Declaration of Hague Agreement read more

Vietnam Significant Amendments in IP Laws read more

WIPO Withdrawal of Declaration of Hague Agreement by Spain read more