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Finland (FI)

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01-20-2016 (Newsletter Issue 1/16)
Pricing Structure and Official Trademark Fees Changed
The Finnish Trademark Office announced that they have changed the pricing structure and some of the fees for trademarks on January 1, 2016.

Some changes to registered trademarks are now free of charge, such as changes to the owner's name or domicile, and changes of representative. The fee for other changes, such as transfer or pledging, has been raised from EUR 50 to EUR 100.

For renewals of trademarks and collective marks, the Office has introduced a two-tier pricing system, where the fees for renewals done online in Finnish or in Swedish are lower than via paper forms. The renewal fee is EUR 275 online, and EUR 300 via paper form.

For more information, please click here


05-27-2015 (Newsletter Issue 8/15)
Fast-Track Processing for Trade Register Notifications
The Finnish Trademark Office announced that they have improved the processing of filing the Trade Register online in collaboration with the Finnish Tax Administration.

The processing time has been reduced to 1-2 days when filing notifications online via the Office's website at

The following online filing services are provided:
- changes to company’s address or contact details (available for all company types)
- changes to boards of directors or other persons responsible for limited liability companies or housing companies
- setting up a limited liability company online

The online filing services are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Further, the Office points out that it is cheaper to file notifications online than on paper.


01-21-2014 (Newsletter Issue 1/14)
Name of Trademark Office Changed
The trademark office in Finland has changed its name from National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (NBPR) to Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).

The new abbreviation PRH comes from the Finnish name (Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus) and will also be used in English.

The Finnish and Swedish names remain the same.

12-17-2013 (Newsletter Issue 18/13)
Trade Register Act Soon Amended
The Finnish Trademark Office announced on its website that the Trade Register Act will be amended at the beginning of 2014. The amendment requires that the last four digits of the personal identity code and home addresses must not be publicly displayed. The legislation reform substantially affects the Trade Register’s information services and the notifications sent to the register.

From the start of 2014, the Trade Register basically continues to be a public register providing a wide range of information on businesses and their operations. However, the amendment to the Act will mean that the information contained in the register will decrease and the information provided on personal data will be reduced. Disclosing the last four digits of the personal identity code from the Trade Register will no longer be allowed; in addition the information on home addresses of natural persons living abroad will be strictly regulated.


06-14-2013 (Newsletter Issue 9/13)
E-filing Now Possible
The new Trade Mark e-filing went live in the pilot office of the Finnish Trademark Office (PRV) on 5 June 2013 after an extended period of testing. This is a major milestone for the European Network, as it represents the first installation of the new core business application developed by the Cooperation Fund, which is expected to contribute significantly to the modernisation of systems across all offices including OHIM.

The Finish Trademark Office is providing a wide range of online services including services relating to notifications, applications and registrations.

Please click here for more information on services that are available in English.


05-02-2013 (Newsletter Issue 6/13)
Cash Payments No Longer Allowed
The Finnish Trademark Office announced that their Client Service no longer accepts payments in cash starting from 1 May 2013. From now on, payments can be made by bank tranfers and credit cards.


11-01-2012 (Newsletter Issue 16/12)
Use of Class Headings
The Finnish Office announced that if the list of goods and services of a trade mark applied for before October 1, 2012 includes an entire class heading, the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland interprets the list of goods and services as covering all goods or services in that class at the time of the application.

From October 1, 2012, the applicants must indicate in the trade mark application whether by using a class heading, the applicant wants the application to cover all goods or services included in the Nice Alphabetical List of that class at the time of the application. This can be done by indicating after the class heading that the application also covers all other goods, or all other services, in that class in the Nice Alphabetical List.

If not clarified, the application will only cover goods or services included in the literal meaning of the individual terms in the class heading.

The Nice Alphabetical List only includes some of the goods or services that are classified in a particular class. If you seek protection for any goods or services not clearly included in any class heading, you should write what the goods or services are, to make it clear that those goods or services are included in the list.


01-01-2011 (Newsletter Issue 1/11)
Trademark Act Amended
The Finnish Parliament has amended section 31 of the Finnish Trademarks Act. It requires that a trademark applicant or proprietor not domiciled in Finland must have a representative resident in the European Economic Area. At the application stage, it is sufficient to submit a power of attorney authorising a representative to represent the client in all matters concerning the application. When the trademark is registered, the proprietor of the trademark must however have a representative resident in the European Economic Area who is authorised to represent the client in all matters concerning the trademark and is entitled to receive summons etc. on behalf of the client in all matters concerning the trademark. The power of attorney submitted at the application stage is therefore no longer sufficient for the registered trademark.

If an applicant or a proprietor of a registered trademark does not have a duly authorised representative, and the applicant or proprietor does not correct the deficiency within a certain time limit, the application will be considered withdrawn or the mark will be removed from the register.

It came into force on January 1st, 2011.

Source: BORENIUS & Co Oy Ab, Helsinki, Finland and

07-01-2010 (Newsletter Issue 12/10)
Commercial Service Fees Increased
The National Board of Patents and Registrations of Finland (NBPR) has increased the VAT rate on some of the commercial services by one percentage point from 22% to 23%, effective by July 1st, 2010.
Commercial fees for preliminary examinations and the entry in the list for trademarks with a reputation are affected by the VAT rate of 23%.
Fees relating to trademark applications and registrations are exempt from the VAT.


07-01-2010 (Newsletter Issue 12/10)
Trademark Classification Practise Changed
The National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (NBPR) announced that trademarks registration applicants must specify the goods to which "retail services" are related under class 35, effective June 1st, 2010.


Legal basis is the Trademark Act of January 10, 1964 (several amendments thereafter). All obligatory and most optional regulations of the “Council Directive 89/104/EEC” were put into effect.
A national Finnish trademark is automatically valid in Åland, no separate measures are required.
Finland is a member of the Madrid Protocol and the European Union.
Trademark protection is obtained by application. It can also be acquired by sufficient public recognition.
Nice classification, 11th edition
Registrable as a trademark are all distinctive and graphically representable signs, such as words, names, acronyms, letters, numbers, devices, the three-dimensional form of a good or its packaging and any combination of the mentioned signs. Furthermore, the following are registrable: sound marks, as long as they are representable by musical notation, and combinations or shades of colours if they have achieved secondary meaning.
The following trademark types are registrable: trademarks, service marks, collective marks, association marks and certification marks.
The application is filed at the Patent Office.
Multiple-class applications are possible.
An applicant domiciled in Finland can apply for a trademark without using an agent. A trademark applicant or trademark holder not domiciled in Finland must have an agent resident in the European Economic Area (EEA). Either a legal or a private person can act as an agent. The language requirement is nevertheless Finnish or Swedish.
A power of attorney is necessary, scanned copy is sufficient.
A domestic registration is not needed if the foreign country does not require a domestic registration from Finnish applicants.
The processing time from application to registration (smooth case) is approximately 4-5 months and the time from application to first office action is approximately 3 months.
The application process includes a formal examination, an examination of distinctiveness and a search for prior trademarks, company and family names.
After registration, the trademark is published in the trademark journal.
The opposition period is 2 months from the publication of the trademark registration.

Details regarding the Opposition Period against designation of IR Mark are available in our publication on this topic here
Protection begins with the date of application (or possible earlier priority date). A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of registration. The registration is renewable for periods of 10 years.
The grace period of trademark renewals is 6 months from the expiration date.

Further practical details are available in our publication on this topic here
If the trademark has not been used within 5 years from when the registration became final or has not been used later for a continuous period of 5 years, it may be subject to cancellation.

Further practical details are available in our publication on this topic here
The official fee for filing a trademark application for the first class is EUR 215 if made online, and EUR 250 if made by paper form. The official fee for each additional class is EUR 80. There is no registration or publication fee.

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Practical details on licensing procedures, requirements and effectiveness are available in our publication on this topic here.
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The Prices above are SMD Group Search Fees
Further practical details are available in our publication on this topic here
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