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Internationally, we draw upon a wide network of reliable, independent local attorneys and legal professionals. With their assistance, we have compiled various publications covering specific aspects of trademark practice and management.

The following publications can be ordered:
Colour Marks Worldwide      Protection of Colour Marks Worldwide
This publication provides an overview on the protection of colour marks through registration in 150 countries worldwide.

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Free of charge
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Dependent Territories Guide      Dependent Territories Guide
Trademark and background information on registering trademarks in more than 50 dependent territories, including parent countries.

99.- EUR plus VAT (19 %)
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Trademark Use Requirements Guide      Trademark Use Requirements Guide
Essential information on trademark use requirements in more than 130 jurisdictions. Suitable for IP professionals (law firms and in-house counsel) who wish to keep abreast of the various requirements across countries.

99.- EUR plus VAT (19 %)
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Trademark Practitioner's Guide      Trademark Practitioner's Guide
Trademark regulations and proceedings in 195 countries including multinational agreements like the Madrid Protocol and Agreement and the European Community.
Current status will be downloaded when you order the guide.
99.- EUR plus VAT (19 %)
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Country Index Poster      Country Index Poster
Useful overview on trademark regulations and proceedings in over 40 countries.
Suitable for quick reference questions in your daily work.

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Grace Periods for Renewals Guide      Grace Periods for Renewals Guide
Regulations, proceedings and fees for trademark renewals in more than 140 jurisdictions.
Essential for brand owners when commercializing their IP rights internationally.
75.- EUR plus VAT (19 %)
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Trademark Licensing Guide      Trademark Licensing Guide
Provides practical details on licensing procedures, requirements and effectiveness in over 135 jurisdictions.
Current status will be downloaded when you order the guide.

99.- EUR plus VAT (19 %)
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