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Trademark Practitioner's Guide

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Trademark Practitioner's Guide You can order and download the current status of all the Country Index content here.

The price for the PDF Download is 99.- EUR plus VAT of 19% (if applicable), payable via credit card. Your data will be SSL encoded.

How is the pdf guide structured?
We first inform about selected multinational agreements on trademarks like the Madrid Protocol and Agreement as well as the European Community Trademark applications. Afterwards we step into national trademark regulations. These regulations are listed in alphabetical order.
At the end of the eBook, we provide further useful general information as for example the international country codes (ISO), the “International classification of goods and services under the Nice Agreement” (10th edition), as well as a list of the patent offices in the countries mentioned and a set of associations and international incorporations in the sector of trademark law and registration.

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