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Communication Director Kamsa HABOUCHI
Communication Director

4 rue des Colonnes
75002 Paris
France (FR)
Tel +33 1 55 04 52 05
Fax +33 1 55 04 52 01


Data Management, Filing and Validation, Invention/Innovation Management, IP Mapping, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, IP Valuation and Commercialisation, Licensing, Litigation, Online Databases, Patent Search, Reporting & Statistics

Unique selling point covers the most comprehensive database worldwide, FamPat:
- 90+ offices
- 23 Authorities in full text
- 60+ million patent documents
- 40+ million English-language abstracts summarizing inventions
- 18+ million patent drawings


Questel has been focusing on its core business, Intellectual Property since its inception in the early 70’s. We provide a suite of leading-edge patent, trademark and industrial design services to researchers, lawyers, scientists, and competitive intelligence professionals. Known for the largest databases collections in the world, we also offer a wide array of tools for searching, mapping, watching, archiving and sharing information, as well as analyzing and managing IP portfolios. All our services are available from our portal
Since 2007, Questel has been supported by the leading European mid-cap Private Equity investor, Syntegra Capital. For more information, please visit

Important clients/projects

Procter & Gamble
and more

Further information

Size of company: 80 employees
Market entry: over 40 years
Geographical coverage: International
Clients are: Industry, offices and law firms. All organisations in patent fields
Industry focus: All type of industries