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Praxi Intellectual Property S.p.A.

Irma Spagnulo
Irma Spagnulo
Viale degli Ammiragli 91
00136 Rome
Italy (IT)
Tel +39 06 3974 9985
Fax +39 06 8535 1514

Praxi Intellectual Property S.p.A. is an intellectual property consultancy with offices in Turin, Milan, Rome, Verona, Genoa, Padua and Trento providing consistent, high-quality and market-oriented services.

We specialise in the filing, prosecution, evaluation, strategic portfolio management, maintenance and passive and active defence of all types of IP rights, including:
- trade marks,
- designs,
- patents,
- utility models,
- copyright,
- domain names.

Praxi Intellectual Property S.p.A.’s client-oriented team takes the time to understand the background of a case.

Our firm assists local and international clients from all spheres of industry, including representation before the Italian PTO and Appeal Board, EUIPO, EPO and WIPO.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Local Expertise:

Italy (IT)