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Mai 21, 2013
Lucy Rana, S.S. Rana & Co., India
First published in 'The Trademark Lawyer magazine', April-May 2013 issue
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Trademark restored 29 years later

Lucy Rana, S.S. Rana & Co., India, First published in 'The Trademark Lawyer magazine', April-May 2013 issue The Delhi High Court's recent decision directing restoration and renewal of the trademark "MBD", 29 years after its due date of renewal, may have brought smiles to the trademark owners but have also raised apprehensions as it may lead to the Trademark Registry being inundated with applications for renewal/registration of trademarks which have lapsed long time ago, at least in cases where the Registrar does not have available the records of dispatch of Notices in Form O-3 prior to the removal of read more

S. S. Rana & Co.

Vikrant Rana

Vikrant Rana
317, Lawyers’ Chambers, High Court of Delhi
110003 New Delhi
India (IN)
Tel +91 11 4012 3000 (100 lines)
Fax +91 11 4012 3010

S. S. RANA & CO. founded in 1989, is one of the reputed IP Law firms in India. The firm provides impeccable services in respect of contentious and non-contentious IP related matters, business and commercial laws. It provides proactive services to the clients ensuring that their Intellectual Property rights are secured, protected, defended and enforced effectively.

Senior partners of the firm have more than four decades of experience and under their immaculate leadership the young and dynamic team toil hard to ensure that every client receives undivided attention and benefits from its broad expertise. The firm makes constant endeavors for maximum utilization of time, resources and legal knowledge to provide effective services to its clients.

The firm comprises professionally qualified lawyers, patent agents and technical experts from disparate fields like IT, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Business Administration.

The firm has a motivated team that demonstrates reliability, communicates constructively, exhibits flexibility and is focused to practice practical business solutions.

The firm’s clientele comprises many Fortune 500 companies and several esteemed international and national corporations. Its long standing relationship with the clients speaks laurels of its diligent and strategic services. The accretion in number of clients bears testimony to the proactive legal services and close personal attention provided to them.

The firm has also invested substantially in IT systems for efficient file management and retrieval of client information and data while maintaining the highest degree of data security and confidentiality.

Areas of Practice The firm’s Intellectual Property Practice encompasses

- Trademarks
- Patents
- Industrial Designs
- Copyright
- Domain Names
- Geographical Indication
- Semiconductor IC Design
- IT Law
- IP Licensing
- IP Audit
- IP Management Strategies
- IP Enforcement
- IP Litigation

The firm understands its Corporate Social Responsibility and actively participates in IP sensitization programs organized by government and non government bodies namely: TIFAC, PFC, PIC, FICCI, MSSI.

The firm offers pro-bono services to support the cause of grassroots innovators to enable them to monetize their innovations. The firm is always willing to offer help to the deserving and needy creators and innovators.