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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 2/24 (March 2024)

ARIPO Madrid e-Filing Now Available in Gambia read more

Australia Trade Mark Classification Standards to be Aligned with International Best Practice read more

Lebanon New Trademark Regulations Implemented read more

Libya Cancellation of Non-renewed Trademarks read more

New Zealand Trade Mark Practice Guidelines Updated read more

Saudi Arabia Protection Duration of Industrial Designs Extended read more

Sudan Trademarks Office Resumed Operations read more

United Arab Emirates  Launch of New IP Ecosystem read more

Westbank Trademarks Office Resumed its Operations read more

WIPO Madrid e-Filing Now Available in Gambia read more

Issue 1/24 (January 2024)

Australia Adopting the Madrid Goods and Services List read more

Canada New Service Standards for Trademarks in Effect read more

Canada Trademark Fees Increased read more

Greece Geneva Act (1999) Ratified read more

Italy Geneva Act (1999) Ratified read more

San Marino Madrid e-Filing Now Available read more

South Korea Expedited Examination of TM Applications More Difficult read more

Switzerland New Trademark Protection Guidelines read more