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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 4/24 (May 2024)

ARIPO Zambian Registry Uses 12th Edition of Nice Classification read more

Australia Changes to the Trade Marks Legislation read more

EUIPO Revised Regulation on Geographical Indications Entered into Force read more

Qatar Joins Madrid Protocol for International Trademark Registration read more

Trinidad and Tobago Access to TMview read more

Vietnam New Decree on Administrative Sanctions in IP read more

Issue 3/24 (May 2024)

Algeria VAT on Official Fees for IP Services Introduced read more

Brazil BPTO Publishes Regulatory Agenda for 2024-2025 read more

EUIPO Revised Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal read more

Georgia New Law on Trademarks in Force read more

Kazakhstan Accelerated Trademark Registration Procedure Introduced read more

Myanmar First Publication of Applications under Trademark Law read more

New Zealand Changes to the Geographical Indications Registration Act read more

New Zealand New Practice Guidelines for Using Maori Elements read more

Nigeria Temporary Suspension of Online Certificate Issuance read more

Saudi Arabia New Practice for Refused Trademarks Implemented read more

Turkey Official Fees Increased read more

Ukraine Number of Trademark Applications Increased by 55% read more

United Kingdom UKIPO Launched Corporate Strategy read more

WIPO World Intellectual Property Report 2024 Released  read more

Yemen Revised Official Fees for IP Services in Aden read more