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As a law firm, you are invited to become a Country Index partner. By this, you will be able to promote your local trademark expertise to the Country Index users. You have to practice in trademark law and you need to be located in the country or multinational agreement for which you wish to be listed.

Potential clients will see your listing

Country Index partners will be displayed next to the country information and in the “Law Firm Index”. Your law firm will be seen by international law firms and in-house counsel. New partners will also be announced in our Country Index newsletter. Check our references and see what one of our partners said

" I find the website Country Index absolutely great. This is also the reason why I have chosen to get listed as a Silver partner on your website. Compliment!"
Dr. Franz-Martin Orou, LL.M., Lawyer, FMO Law Firm
Vienna, Austria

There are two levels of partnerships

Steps to become a partner

  • right column placement, next to your respective country survey
  • second position
  • ranked randomly if there is more than one silver partner
  • entry possible in the country where your office is located

Additional benefits
  • premium placement on second position
  • marked as
  • announcement as new partner in our newsletter
  • included in law firm directory
  • included in law firm banner

Featured info
  • name of contact person
  • name of company
  • address
  • phone/fax number
  • company profile
  • logo or photo
  • embedded link to website

EUR 500 / year / country

Duration and termination of the subscription

Partnership subscriptions on are valid for one year. To unsubscribe, you just give us a notice not later than 30 days before the end of this period. If the cancellation notice is not received in time the subscription will be renewed for another twelve month term. Cancellation of partnership subscriptions must be made in writing to Schutz Marken Dienst GmbH.