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Sep 01, 2014
Yvonne Johnson, Barker Brettell LLP, United Kingdom
Rosalyn Newsome, Barker Brettell LLP, United Kingdom
First published on

UK IP law gets a makeover

Yvonne Johnson, Barker Brettell LLP, United Kingdom, Rosalyn Newsome, Barker Brettell LLP, United Kingdom, First published on good news for advocates of IP rights, the UK Intellectual Property Act has received Royal Assent. As reported in our spring newsletter, some of the most interesting changes relate to design law. These include the introduction of criminal sanctions against blatant copying of UK registered designs in the course of business, cheaper options for appeals from decisions of the UK IPO on registered designs, consistency with EU design law on matters such as ownership and prior user rights, and the provision of a UK IPO opinions service on designs, to supplement the existing service relating to patents.
Whilst the Act is now officially law, most provisions will not come into force until 1 October 2014, whilst others will take effect in 2015. Criminal Sanctions: In certain circumstances the deliberate copying of a UK or EU registered design in the course of business will now be classed as a criminal offence; this brings the enforcement provisions in line with UK copyright and
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