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Dez 13, 2018
Özlem Fütman, OFO VENTURA, Turkey
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Three main problems regarding International Registratio...

Özlem Fütman, OFO VENTURA, TurkeyOne of the important points in the New Turkish IP Code no 6769 which has been in force since 10 January 2017 is that; in opposition proceedings, the applicant has the right to invite its opponent(s) to prove serious and genuine use of its mark in Turkey in the past 5 years or submit justified reasons for non-use, if the opponent’s mark passed the 5 year use term on the filing/priority date of opposed mark. If opponent cannot prove such use, then the opposition would be refused in terms of likelihood of confusion based on opponent’s earlier mark. read more



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Ofo Ventura, together with its litigation arm Futman Law Firm, is a full service IP boutique in Turkey. The Firm was founded 15 years ago and has 10 professionals, both agents and lawyers. The Team is led by Ozlem Futman, Founding Partner, who has 22 years of experience in the industry. We have correspondence offices in Ankara and in Northern Part of Cyprus.

In addition to a strong prosecution practice, we have a top notch team of litigators and we excel at complex IP matters and litigation. Our team is dedicated to turning complicated cases into simple ones for the clients. Our Team of litigators have been involved in many important and unique cases in Turkey. Our opposition practice also benefits from our experience and expertise in contentious matters enabling us to advocate strongly on behalf of our clients at every level. The Firm also handles patent prosecution matters, design prosecution and enforcement. Finally, we provide experienced advice in copyright issues, internet law issues, license issues, sports and entertainment law issues and, in particular, domain name disputes, making ours a truly full service IP boutique.

Ofo Ventura offers tailor-made IP solutions designed for you. We stake our reputation on protecting yours.