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Apr 30, 2020
Xiaoming Liu, Chofn IP, China
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Trademark Acquisition Pitfall and Tips in China

Xiaoming Liu, Chofn IP, ChinaTrademark piracy or trademark squatting has been a headache in China for long. Almost all big brands suffered from trademark pirates or squatters. The Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) and other authorities like the courts have made great efforts to curb the trend, but the effects are not always satisfactory, particularly because of the high threshold for recognizing “bad faith”. The newly revised Chinese Trademark Law, effective as from November 1, 2019, and newly enacted The Rules for Regulating Trademark Registration Applying  read more

CHOFN Intellectual Property

Tingxi HUO

Tingxi HUO
#703, 7th Floor, Glory Star Financial Tower, Building 3, No.16 Lize Road, Fengtai District
100073 Beijing
China (CN)
Tel +86 10 6213 9699
Fax +86 10 6213 1230

Mr. Tingxi Huo, former trademark partner and leader of another Chinese IP firm, Peksung’s, trademark team, is now heading Chofn’s trademark team. Chofn, a veritable “one-stop IP shop”, is one of China’s leading firms with 19 offices in 17 cities.

Professional Team:
• 400+ patent attorneys & engineers
• 300+ trademark attorneys
• 40+ litigators
• 1400+ staff

IP Services:
• Prosecution
• Litigation
• Search
• Transaction
• Research & Training
• IP Software

Awards (selective):
• Trademark Agency of Excellence
• Outstanding IP Litigation Team in China
• ASIA IP Expert
• WTR 1000
• WIPR Leaders 2016 China