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Pro Delta Systems Ltd

Technical Director Steve Kiernan
Steve Kiernan
Technical Director

Berewyk Hall Court, Bures Road, White Colne
CO6 2QB Colchester
United Kingdom (UK)
Tel +44 (0) 1787 388222


Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, Invention/Innovation Management, IP Cost Accounting and Controlling, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software

Unique selling point

When we develop our solutions we make sure they are easy to learn, simple to use, easy to implement and are cost-effective. Our attention to detail and customer support is second to none. We have great experience with over 60 years combined experience in IP software development.


Pro Delta Systems Limited was founded in 1985 and has a reputation for providing excellent, high quality and cost-effective solutions which are delivered on time and just as importantly to budget.

Pro Delta Systems Limited develops Intellectual Property software. It’s all we do.

Our aim is to make docketing software affordable, easy to use and functional, and the advent of the internet means we are doing business in four corners of the globe.

Client relationships of over twenty years have been built on trust, quality, understanding and a deep commitment to ongoing development.

We are a friendly team, and customer support is of paramount to us. We treat all issues you report to us seriously, and your call or email will be answered by somebody from our technical team who can actually help. The majority of issues are resolved immediately.

We were founded to develop software solutions for a variety of industries. Intellectual Property software became our core business after we developed Progressor (

In 2007 we embarked on a new adventure. We had identified a need for a new type of IP software. Something which was web based, lower cost, full of functionality and was easy to use.

fileye was the product of this development, and since we started selling it in 2009, we haven’t looked back. Several versions later, fileye is now bigger and better than ever, and it’s continuing to grow.

Further information

Market entry: 1985
Geographical coverage: International
Clients are: Law firms, corporate departments, single practitioners
Industry focus: Intellectual Property Software and Docketing solutions for Trademarks, Patents and all other types of IP and non-IP