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Safenames Ltd.

Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Steve Miholovich
Steve Miholovich
Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

44160 Scholar Plaza, Suite 370
20176 Leesburg, VA
Tel +1 703 574 5313
Fax +1 703 723 4779



Unique selling point

Safenames has a proven record of success over the past twelve years by providing global companies who register and manage a portfolio of domain names with the best innovative tools, managed services and educational materials that can be tailored to meet their business needs. Safenames team of experienced domain professionals are committed to serving as a trusted resource for our clients. Our industry experts work as an extension of our clients by providing the highest level of service in the industry, answering any domain name challenge that they face.


Safenames is a leading global domain name registration company that specializes in domain portfolio management, domain strategy and consulting and online trademark infringement protection services. Safenames offers a comprehensive suite of customizable Web based products and services, along with a team of expert sales and customer support personnel that empowers legal departments of a company to efficiently manage and protect domain names, trademarks and online brand identity. The company provides complete global coverage for all domain extensions and mainatians direct registry accreditations in 117 countries. Safenames can also meet any local presence requirement needed to register a country code domains. Finally, Safenames Mark Protect™ is an advanced online brand monitoring service that ends the game of “whack-a-mole” by tracking a brand’s health, prioritizing recovery actions and consolidating domains into a single UDRP against serial offenders.

Further information

Market entry: July 1999
Geographical coverage: Safenames is a global company. The company is headquartered in Milton Keynes, England with regional offices in Leesburg, Virginia, and Sydney, Australia. Our Global Coverage includes offering over 760 gTLD and ccTLD extensions for every country that has registry
Clients are: Safenames works with companies and law firms on domain names related services. Safenames assists large multi-national corporations with registering domains around the world and by managing their portfolio of names which often number in the thousands. Safenames also works with smaller companies that need guidance on their overall domain name strategy as their company expands internationally. Safenames frequently partners with IP law firms and serves in the role of a domain name specialist to assist with domain registrations, online brand monitoring and digital enforcement efforts.
Industry focus: Global Domain Registration, Domain Name Consulting and Online Brand Enforcement Services