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GSI Office Management GmbH

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Roland Sandner
Roland Sandner
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Bäckerstr. 10 Rgb.
81241 Munich
Germany (DE)
Tel +49 89 89 544 510
Fax +49 89 89 544 599


Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, Domains, Filing and Validation, Invention/Innovation Management, IP Cost Accounting and Controlling, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, IP Valuation and Commercialisation, Licensing, Litigation, Online Databases, Organisational IP Consulting, Reporting & Statistics

Unique selling point

We have thoroughly examined all of the single work processes related to industrial property rights and integrated them into WINPAT®, in create an extremely user-oriented software solution, which corresponds to real processes, has the flexibility to integrate individual wishes, and offers its’ users optimal support in their day-to-day office work.


GSI Office Management GmbH, based in Munich Germany, has specialized in the development of complete software solutions for securing and managing patents, trademarks and copyrights for over 20 years.
True to the company motto „IP Software that works like you do“, GSI IP- Solutions are designed to consequently address the needs of their client base from private legal practices to international industrial corporations.
GSI products are an investment in a future-oriented secure technology that is permanently updated and optimized to meet the ever changing demands of the management of intellectual property. From the first day of implementation, clients can expect to professionalize their business processes and significantly reduce workloads. GSI solutions enable users to efficiently integrate their own specialised work processes and maintain historical work processes.

Important clients/projects

Volkswagen Group (incl. Audi and Skoda) – IP and Licence Management
Beiersdorf AG – IP Management
Ericsson AB (worldwide) – IP Management
Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (Suisse) – IP Management
Hoffmann La Roche (Suisse) – IP Management

Further information

Size of company: 20 persons employed
Market entry: 1988
Geographical coverage: Head office: Munich (Germany)
Establishments: Nuremberg & Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria)
National and international business
Clients are: From small to large: Law firms and multinational corporations
Industry focus: No focus as for all-purpose