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Dennemeyer & Co.

Esther Heck
Esther Heck

55, rue des Bruyères
1274 Howald
Luxembourg (LU)
Tel +352 499 841 1
Fax +352 499 841 999


Annuities and Renewals, Docketing, Administration of Due Dates and Fees, IP Portfolio Management, IP Software, Organisational IP Consulting

Unique selling point

Dennemeyer offers a unique combination of IP management software, annuities and renewals services as well as related IP consulting. As a one-stop shop for our clients we can also rely on the legal services of our sister company "Dennemeyer & Associates".


Successful IP Management requires advanced technologies and efficient global portfolio management. Dennemeyer has the relevant know-how for the effective worldwide coordination of any size IP portfolio and specialises in tailor-made solutions for highly complex IP management requirements. That is why our clients currently entrust us with the management of more than one million patents and almost one million trademarks.

Portfolio Services:
- Managing patent annuities and trademark renewals
- Patent and brand management services specifically tailored to match each client's individual requirements

Software Solutions:
- A modular Intellectual-Asset-Management Software (DIAMS) for an easy management of application, prosecution, and maintenance of all your IP assets

IP Consulting:
- IP Portfolio mining and analysis
- Developing of IP strategies and business plans
- Specific advice on clients' IP organizations to reduce operational costs, improve revenues and thus create value for an enterprise
- Licensing and license compliance consulting
- Temporary IP staffing

We are also able to draw on the skills of our international law firm "Dennemeyer & Associates", allowing us to handle all requirements of modern trademark and patent management.

Important clients/projects


Further information

Market entry: 1962
Geographical coverage: Global
Clients are: Medium-sized enterprises, corporate clients and law firms.
Industry focus: Dennemeyer's client portfolio covers both law firms and all sorts of industrial clients.