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SMD Group
Schutz Marken Dienst GmbH

Managing Director Joerg Utescher
Joerg Utescher
Managing Director

Manhagener Allee 76a
22902 Ahrensburg
Germany (DE)
Tel +49 4102 8048 0
Fax +49 4102 8048 35


Data Management, Domains, IP Software, Legal Advice, Online Databases, Patent Search, Publishing, Trademark Search

Unique selling point

SMD International has extensive experience in managing large multinational search projects, especially in the area of consumer product and pharmaceutical trademarks. For those clients, we have developed our i-Search product, which provides reliable legal opinions and precise recommendations based on excellent trademark availability searches. Thanks to our worldwide network of highly qualified local lawyers, we can provide legal opinions for a wide range of countries.


Our company was founded in 1949 as the first provider of searching and monitoring services in Germany. Currently, about three quarters of our business is based on large international clients, companies as well as law firms.

We conduct searches worldwide — with or without legal opinion — and also provide user-friendly searching software with access to a wide range of trademark databases. Our portfolio is supplemented by other services, for example a website providing quick info on trademark registration worldwide. Furthermore, we run the first online shop for search services at

We support a range of multi-phase trademark clearing projects with a first screening followed by a pre-selection of trademarks found, and more in-depth searches based on short-listed trademarks,
in-use searches etc.

Our clients confirm that we fully meet their expectations with searches that are highly customized to their individual needs. For example, we

- create packages for your specific choice of countries;
- modify the layout of our search results to meet your requirements;
- adapt searches to your individual needs.

To support your processing of our search reports, we have developed a powerful online tool: Work IP. With Work IP, you can easily review and edit search reports, conduct legal assessments of our search results or even add your own legal opinions.

Whether you decide to outsource your trademark clearing processes to us or only need selected services of our portfolio, you will save time, risk and money by relying on us.

Important clients/projects

For more details and references feel free to contact us directly or check our website on

Further information

Market entry: 1949
Geographical coverage: International
Clients are: In-house councel and law firms
Industry focus: All industries