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Freeman IP Ltd

Principal Annette Freeman
Annette Freeman

8a Lonsdale Rd
NW6 6RD London
United Kingdom (UK)
Tel +44 7597 127 710 (UK) or +39 2464671 (IT)


IP Consultancy

Unique selling point

The level of expertise, experience, flexibility and geographical coverage offered by Freeman IP is a rare combination. Even the best-run IP practices may benefit from outside help from time to time. When special challenges arise, an expert consultant can cut through the problems, saving time, costs and difficulties.


Freeman IP is an IP Management Consultancy providing a broad range of services, from defining IP strategies to implementing large-scale and change programmes; and from coaching individuals and teams to providing expert advice for specialised IP challenges.

Freeman IP also provides trademark registration services and advice directly in Australia and worldwide through a network of trusted attorneys, including patent practitioners and litigation specialists.

The Consultancy was founded in January 2012 by Annette Freeman, an experienced Australian attorney now based in Europe, and offers its services worldwide.

Further information

Market entry: January 2012
Geographical coverage: Worldwide, with a focus on Europe, the US and Australia
Clients are: Target groups and their size (law firms or companies, small, medium, large): Services are offered to three main segments: (1) Large enterprises with extensive IP portfolios; (2) Small and medium enterprises who are new to IP management; and (3) attorney firms with business development or process management needs.
Industry focus: across all industries