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J. Pereira da Cruz, S.A.

Joao Pereira da Cruz
Joao Pereira da Cruz
Rua Victor Cordon, 10-A
1249-103 Lisbon
Portugal (PT)
Tel +351 21 347 50 20
Fax +351 21 342 18 85

J. Pereira da Cruz, S.A.
Industrial Property Services

After more than half a century of activity, our objectives are still the same: to remain at the forefront in defending the interests of our clients in the field of intellectual property.

It is with this spirit that we are entering into a new phase, always keeping up with the new communication technologies. Using these tools, our aim is to provide the national and international community with the means to share information and remain up-to-date with developments in the world of intellectual property.

At the same time, we want to provide our clients with new functionalities, allowing them to access information concerning their rights.

This version of our website is simply the initial phase of an instrument which will soon offer new functions and thereby make it possible to further strengthen our relationship with all those who choose us as their Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

These are the demands of business today and the goals that we have set ourselves.

Local Expertise:

Portugal (PT)