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Triebel IP

Palermo Building, Il Villagio, No. 5 De Havilland Crescent, Persequor Technopark
0020 Pretoria
South Africa (ZA)
Tel + 27 12 349 1901

Triebel IP is a mid-sized niche firm specialising exclusively in intellectual property law, innovation, know-how and related commercial aspects, including:

- Advising on the selection, availability, registration, use, protection, licensing and transfer of trade mark rights, nationally and internationally
- Identifying and securing patent and design rights in cooperation with leading patent attorneys in South African and abroad
- Enforcing and defending proprietary rights through litigation, opposition and cancellation proceeding
- Maintaining existing intellectual property rights
- Managing worldwide trademark portfolios
- Anti-counterfeiting

Triebel-IP was established by Jens Triebel in July 2015. He is assisted by an able team, which sets optimal, cost-effective tailor-made intellectual property strategies for clients.

We focus on fostering a partnership relationship with our clients, advising them on the selection, availability, use, protection, licensing, transfer and enforcement (including anti-counterfeiting) of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, designs and copyright), nationally and internationally.

We are able to draft a wide variety of intellectual property related instruments, including licensing, franchising, merchandising and distribution agreements.

Local Expertise:

South Africa (ZA)