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Mrz 16, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 5/16)
New Zealand
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Practice Change to IPONZ Returned Mail Process

IPONZ informed on March 8, 2016, that the office has updated its process in relation to notifications about renewals and the expiry / lapse of intellectual property rights.

The address for service on the IPONZ register is used by IPONZ to send notifications to IP rights holders. This includes any situations where IPONZ needs to send notification via standard mail.

As of March 8, 2016, IPONZ will no longer re-send any standard mail that is returned due to an invalid physical address for service. IPONZ will also cease its practice of subsequently attempting to locate these IP owners.

The IP rights holder is responsible for keeping their address for service and other contact details up to date with IPONZ. In the event of a change in address, it is very important that a notice of this change is filed with IPONZ to avoid any missed notifications.