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Mrz 16, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 5/16)
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Request Correction of Recording - New Form

WIPO announced that a new official form (MM21) is now available for users requesting the correction of a recording in the International Register under the Madrid System. The form can be accessed here.

Although not compulsory, users are encouraged to take advantage of this new form as it facilitates providing all the information that the International Bureau requires to process their requests. The form may be presented by the holder, representative of the holder or an Office of a Contracting Party.

Under the Madrid System
– errors attributable to the International Bureau may be corrected if a request is presented by the holder or an Office, at any time;
– errors attributable to an Office, the correction of which would affect the rights deriving from the international registration, may be corrected if a request, presented by that Office, is received by the International Bureau within nine months from the date of the publication of the recording in the International Register that is the subject of the correction; and,
– errors attributable to the applicant, holder or representative may not be corrected.

For any question, please contact the Madrid Customer Service at or +41 (0)22 338 86 86.