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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Dez 13, 2018 (Newsletter Issue 21/18)
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Trademark Legislation Changed Soon

As of January 1, 2019, several changes to the Swedish Trademark Act and related constitutions will come into force. The changes mark the end of a revision that started at EU level almost ten years ago.

Some of the important changes are below:
- The graphical representation requirement for trademarks is abandoned
- Changes to opposition proceedings, for example a due date for settlement of objections, requirements of use as a basis for revocation and, that decisions on revocation apply retroactively
- Trademark duration starts from the date of application and not from the date of registration
- Trademark registrations can be renewed at the earliest 6 months before and at the latest 6 months after the expiration date
- Launch of new e-service for trademark renewal

Further, a new law, the Company Name Act, replaces the existing Trade Names Act of 1974. The new law will have a more modern language, and will therefore make it easier for business owners to understand the rules and act according to the legislation. In connection with this, some additions in the practical processing are also implemented.

For more information, please check the update of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office here and of our Country Index partner Groth & Co. here