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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Mai 19, 2022 (Newsletter Issue 6/22)
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Official Language Requirements Amended

On January 11, 2022, legislative amendments concerning the status and use of the two official languages, Kazakhstan and Russian, came into force.

Under recent amendments, signboards of privately owned businesses and of non-governmental organisations, their announcements, advertisements, forms, price lists, price tags, menus, signs, and other visual information no longer must be in both Kazakh and Russian. They need to be in Kazakh only but may also be in Russian and/or other languages if required in certain circumstances.

Trademarks protected in Kazakhstan which are used in signboards of non-governmental organizations should remain unchanged and do not need to be translated.

It is now mandatory to use both Kazakh and Russian languages on:
- Labels applied to medication packaging and on the document that provides information about the medicine and its use; and
- Labels applied either directly to medical products or to their packaging and on instructions for their use (this applies to any instruments, devices, equipment, materials, and other items used in medical facilities).

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